Feel Good To Be Single This Valentines

Hehe… That is the fact by the way. ? One more…

Image: Expectation vs Reality ??

Finally, Valentine’s day is here and its hard feeling for all the singles. Well being single doesn’t mean you are alone. It is like you don’t have a person whom you can call Baby, Babu, Honey, Shona. Oh sorry, I was just joking.

But on the serious note, it is the truth. Valentine’s day is not for the crushes and temporary love. Its a day of love which is to be shared with someone very special. You have so many people to share your love with. I don’t think you are the person who is living alone on this planet. I mean no one is that alone in this world that he/she can’t find someone to share his/her emotions.

“Being single is not a force, it’s your choice.”

Remember relationships are too complicated in today’s world. It’s very hard to find the love of your life and also you need to put your so much of time for that. You are not that alone that you invest your energy to just pass the time. I know you have seen people near you having their boy/girl with them but remember to get into a relationship only if you are that serious that you think he/she is your life otherwise temporary relationship is a pain.

That’s why feel happy because you are single and you don’t have to worry about this all stuff. Go and have some fun. Watch your favorite movie, go to your favorite place, watch sunset alone or sleep on the beach. YOU ARE FREE.

And as I generally say to be happy you don’t need a relationship, just be yourself and enjoy your own company.

Proud to be Single.

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