Why I chose to be Single this Valentines

Its valentines week and love is in the air. I am watching many couples out there. Maybe you also want to share your love with someone.

But I chose to be single this valentines. I know being single is not a joke. So here are the reasons for which I decided to not have a date this valentines.

To Be Free

Have you seen the people talking about the day? To make this Feb 14 to be remembered. They plan to have a romantic candlelight dinner at some good restaurant. They have to plan everything. To buy flowers for her,  to buy a gift for her which she really likes. It takes so much of time and energy. So for me, it's hard to plan everything and going out with my date. I want to enjoy my company this time.

I Love Myself

I mean really. I truly love myself. Who can love me more than myself? Love means no expectations, no demands. Therefore I want to celebrate this day of love with myself. 

I have read somewhere...

"Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world." – Lucille Ball

The lines above are a clear explanation of why you should love yourself.  

I Can't Lie

I don’t want the type of love that teenagers do, were small miss-understanding breaks you apart. I want a relationship like our parents to have, they make efforts and more efforts to work on that relationship, no matter how many misunderstandings come in their way, no matter how many ups and downs they face, they always work together in a relationship. And now, people want casual relationships with no commitments. So when you say that three magical words, it should be real and authentic. I can't say someone which I can't do so I chose to be single till the time I don't get my better half.

I Don't Have Money

Hell True... 

This is true. You might think this is shouldn't be a reason to not have someone on the very special day. But for me, this is also a reason. Why should I spend my hard earned money on such a temporary relation? Rather I will spend that money on myself. 

I have seen many of my friends. They spend some 2-3K on this day. I mean, come on, what are you doing. Sometimes I want to tell them to buy a nice perfume for themselves because they really smell bad.  

Even I have seen some crazy lovers, who spend money on shopping, for her like they are the son of Ambani. I really feel bad for that people. They are not aware that the other person may be using him. And this all makes me to be single.

So, while the world is busy in swiping left or right, I want to swipe directly in someone’s heart...

So, yeah these are the reasons why I chose to be single this valentines. 🙂

This is the first post and I am very excited to write more. Any kind of suggestion, improvement, things you doesn't like or anything you have, please mention in the comments or direct message me.

Thank you for reading. Please keep checking the blog.

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