Why reading books is necessary even if you forget most of them?

Reading books is a good practice, Right? But many times you have found that you actually can’t remember most of them. One obvious question you can ask is “What is the purpose of reading books when I am going to forget most of them?”

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It is very genuine question you can ask. But here I have something for you which will tell you why it is necessary to keep reading books even if you forget most of them.

Let me tell you a interesting story. It starts from here:-

Once there a was great teacher who had many students.

Once one of the students came to him and asked “I have read lots of books but forgotten most of them. What’s the purpose of reading?”

The teacher didn’t give him an answer at that time.

After few days teacher gave that student a sieve which was in dirty and in very bad condition as shown in the picture.

The teacher asked the student to fetch water from a nearby river in this sieve.

The student didn’t like the idea but he could not refuse his teacher.

He went to the river, filled sieve at the river and started his return journey.

Few feet as he walks, all water in the sieve was drained through holes.

Then again he went to the river and filled sieve.

He did this all day but could not complete the task assigned by his teacher.

He returned to the teacher with a sad face and said “ I am unable to fetch water with this sieve. I am failed “

His teacher smiled at him.

No! You didn’t fail.

Look at the sieve.

It has become like new. It got clean when you were trying to fetch water.

The teacher then explained the true motive behind this task.

He said “ Last time you asked me what is the purpose of reading if you don’t remember what you read. Now take this example of the sieve.

Sieve = Mind

Water = Knowledge

River = Book

Even if you can’t remember its Okay!

But reading will definitely make your mind sharp. “

Reading has a profound impact on our mind, brain. It helps to be a better version of yourself. This is a subconscious process.

The story ends here.

I have read many books till date. I don’t remember all the things from them but I certainly know that I am smarter than before and hence I will keep reading.

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Thanks for reading.

One thought on “Why reading books is necessary even if you forget most of them?

  • July 31, 2020 at 8:16 am

    “Reading is not to store information in our brain , it is to strengthen our mental muscles”. Thanks for this article.


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