Stop being an Average person and become a Warrior

Have you ever seen the life of an average person ?

  1. Born.
  2. School.
  3. College.
  4. Rote learning before exam.
  5. Struggling to get a private Job.
  6. Marry.
  7. Have Children
  8. Earn for them
  9. Run behind money whole life .
  10. Die.

An average person always dream big, but afraid to take big actions. He is always in the fear of failure and being judged by others.

Whom do I term as an average person ?

You can compare the average people with the broiler chickens of the picture below:

Chickens do not have to work or use their intellect. They are given some shitty foods and are prisoned until their death. Aren’t they struggling and living in pain??? Think, you will get the answer.

On the other hand, an eagle always fly high. Eagle do not have to depend upon others for food because he can search his own. Therefore, the control of his life is in his own hand and he is not prisoned. Eagle can take the food of his own choice. But a chicken has to eat a food according to the choice of it’s owner for business motive. A chicken spends the life, but an eagle lives the life.

We human beings are born with free will, intelligence, reasoning power, questioning capabilities. Awareness and consciousness level of humans are much higher than other animals on this planet. If we simply repeat the above mentioned steps 1-10, then what’s the use of our human body? If we are not utilizing our great powers actually we are wasting it.

According to me, it’s better to die as an warrior rather than living as an average.

The comfort zone, not having a clear purpose, laziness, greed, fear, lust, delusion are all the things which make a person average. All of us is a potent warrior. But the layers of lust, anger, greed, jealousy, fear, delusion in our mind make us unable to find our true warrior potential.

Don’t get offended, truth is always bitter but the good news is you can change it. You can become better and live a life like a warrior. A person who is not afraid and fearful to take actions. Actions to achieve his/her goal. If you want to become a singer stand up on the stage and face the fear. May be you will fail. May be you will not be able to speak but there you will learn that life is not easy as you think. You have to fight every moment to win. So why to wait? Just grad the opportunity and achieve whatever you are targeting.

With that, all the best. Don’t be average. Stand up and start fighting.

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