Mistakes That You Should Not Do In Your College Life

I completed my graduation (B.Tech Computer Science) in year 2017. As a student I faced many ups and down during my college life. Obviously, I was not the only one who faced it many fellow students and every year lots of people face that challenges. New environment, lots of different types of people, hostel life (if you are not from the same city) and many other things. During my college life there were many things which I learned and experienced. I gathered all of them here and wanted to share with you so that you don’t face the same and you can learn from them now onward.

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Here is the list of mistakes you should avoid in your college life:-

  1. Don’t mess up with the topper or intelligent dude of your batch. Life can turn the table anytime.
  2. Don’t be the Lord of the last bench. Seems cool during college but hit you hard in future.
  3. Don’t bunk class too often, it’s Okay to bunk sometimes. (Remember its your time which you are spending. If you bunk just for fun think of it)
  4. Friends, Lover, Forever, Together all these are illusions. Stop watching Bollywood crap.
  5. Keep learning something new. Keep on reading, you will always learn something new.
  6. Don’t get into a relationship until you have achieved something. Because money and love both matter equally.
  7. Find your passion, don’t just want to get placed in some MNCs.
  8. Find your motivation, it can be anyone your partner, dreams, anything. Mostly I think it’s girl if you love her truly. 😀
  9. Don’t let your emotions overcome your intelligence. (Post-breakup tips)
  10. Have discipline in life. It will work everywhere.
  11. Remember one thing… Well dressed man is hotter than a bare-chested guy with six-packs.
  12. Don’t get addicted to social media, if you want, get addicted to learning platforms.
  13. Stop watching motivational videos and quotes, instead start doing it.
  14. Don’t stop giving your best just because someone hasn’t credited you.
  15. Movies like Student of the year and 3 idiots are completely fictional, Rancho is an illusion nothing else.
  16. Quotes like this -:
and this -:

are written by people who waste your time on social media.

After 4 years, when your friends get placed and you are not, it hurts and you will regret. People move on and “friends for life” just don’t even matter anymore.

Bill Gates never said this type of lines

Well, he got 1590 out of 1600 in SAT and studied in Harvard.

And this…

Remember that they drop out from Harvard and Stanford. There’s a difference between Prince college (or any local college) and Princeton University. Understand the difference. Famous college dropouts you read above are the people who dropped out from Harvard and MIT. Don’t compare yourself with them. You have a infinite potential but don’t think that people who dropped out never did a hard work. Go to an extra mile and start doing the good things you already know.

If you feel this post can help your juniors or college friends please do share. You will thank me on your graduation day. When you will be having a job in your hand and doing something different.

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Thanks for your time. Remember you are awesome!!!

One thought on “Mistakes That You Should Not Do In Your College Life

  • July 31, 2020 at 5:40 pm

    The things which you highlighted are very true and some of the cases even happened in my college life and I would like to add one point, during college days we think we have enough time in our lives to study and we will waste our entire college days but once we come out of our college we will get to know the importance of time and really we can’t get back those time which we have wasted in our college days so I suggest all the college students to start to utilize each and every minute of your college life and learn new things daily don’t just stick to your college syllabus. I would like to thanks Aditya for sharing the highly important message for students and definitely, if a student read this blog during college days he/she will get something by this and he/she will be successful in his/her life and I request Aditya to continue to write a similar post it will help many of us to change the way of thinking and leading life.


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