What is the most savage thing that I have ever seen?

To see the height of savageness, one must see the replies made by Taapsee Pannu to tweets made by her haters.

Incident 1:

Once, Taapsee uploaded her picture(given below)

To which a person commented

Translation: There is freedom to expression in our country, then remove the remaining clothes also. Your brother must be so proud after seeing this. (Angry emoji)

To this Taapsee replied:

Translation: Sorry, I don’t have a brother, if I would have, I would surely ask him and tell you. For now, will sister’s reply work?

This made the person delete his comment.

Incident 2:

A person tweeted this

To this, Tapsee replied:

Translation: But 3 are already done! Mulk, manmarziyaan and badla(names of her upcoming movies). And sorry to disappoint you but I already signed 2 more.You will have to endure some more.

To this another person replies:

Translation: What are you talking? There is nothing to endure. I don’t even watch your movies. So I don’t even come to know, when they release, and when they go.

To this Taapsee again replied:

Translation: Means I am providing you entertainment. The work of an actress is done.

P.S- Please improve your taste, then you will be able to watch movies!

Instead of reporting these trolls, she decided to confront them by replying savagely.

Incident 3:

Once, Taapsee uploaded this:

To which, a man commented:

To which, Taapsee tweeted:

See, how savage her replies are.

So, never get offended by such haters.

Kuchh toh log kahenge, logo ka kaam hai kehna!

Translation: People will say a thing or the other, their job is to say!

Source: Twitter

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