Has Narendra Modi uplifted the image of India in the world?

One of our reader shared one incident. Please have a look.
This morning at 6 , I was jogging on the footpath on beach road in Visakhapatnam . Suddenly I saw a white person doing yoga on the slab along the footpath, made to sit and see the beach). As is the Indian mentality , I too wanted to talk to him. I went near him and stood for sometime. I was little tired after a long jog.

Me:- Hey sir! I am very much impressed by seeing your yoga.

He:-Not better than Indians. (With smile)

Me :-so may I know from where you are?

He:-Russia dear. My English is not very good .

Me :-not at all sir. It is fantastic. So are you on a vacation to India ?

He:- ya , but this vacation is probably too long . I love your India and indian yoga which changed my life. Really you are blessed to be born in India and have a Hindu family.

Me : (smiling)So what you like the most here.

He:-(1st said many things like Taj Mahal, Indian curry , culture then he told Modi ).I know he was a tea seller . Later he became your president .(he was little confused between PM and president). He brought yoga to an international platform. Today I am here to be a yoga trainer. I will go to coimbatore,to the ashram of sadhguru.

Earlier I used to think India is an overpopulated poor country but now I know your culture is very rich. I am a vegan too . And I know your president is also a vegan.

Me : ha ha ha.

We then went ahead with our discussion. I met his group too. It was a nice conversation for me . The fact is clear that after the arrival of Modi , the what foreigners think about India has changed.

Jai hind.

Dear anti modi friends don’t show your frustration here. For you I have only one answer -beauty lies in the eyes of observer.

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