Why do a lot of people dislike feminists?

In today’s world fake feminism is increasing very rapidly. They just don’t want to equalize all genders but they want to become Superior and here comes the fake feminism. The reason behind people don’t like this fake feminism are as follows:

1) When women are starving for days somewhere in Africa

Feminists are busy with ‘mansplaining’ and ‘manspreading’

2) When a woman, with a little baby on her back, is tired of carrying heavy bricks to make only $3 a day

Feminists are squabbling on wearing unisex dresses

3) While a woman is being a victim of acid throwing somewhere in the world

Feminists are depleting their stamina in complaining how dare men to stare at their butts

4) Whereas women are being kidnapped, getting raped and then murdered atrociously

Feminists are going crazy with talking nonsense in the name of fighting sexism

5) When a teenage girl gets married and dies in childbirth later somewhere in a developing country

Feminists are embroiling themselves in a debate whether women should rape men back or not

6) When a just married housewife has to undergo much domestic violence due to the dowry system and finally commits suicide

Feminists are striving for the rights to go topless in public.

Feminists indeed rarely contribute to handling hard going women’s issues in the present world. It’s because they are chewing on the trivial matters that don’t focus necessarily on the rights of really oppressed women.

We wonder that people working on solving the main problems of women are MOSTLY NOT feminists. They are usually the employees of government organizations, NGO and human rights activists , volunteers of various humanitarian and welfare organizations, officials of aid agencies etc.

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