What’s scarier than most people think?

Have you ever thought that one of your dreams is the scariest experience you ever had? I think you need to think again and look around. There are many things happening which are scarier. Here are the things that are horrific than you even don’t realize:

  1. Sleeping in the street in cold winter night especially in North India. Think of those homeless people.
  2. Seeing your closed ones struggling in hospital in between life and death. For others it’s a news only. For you it’s worse than hell.
  3. When you struggle for food each day and night like a homeless kid. Think of their uncertainty in life as compared to our insecurities.
  4. When your brother or husband works in Indian Army in Kashmir and his phone is switched off for while he is conducting a militant operation.
  5. Earning less money and not able to meet the needs of closed ones.
  6. Riots: ask those who have lost their closed ones, their only source of livelihood
  7. Living in the slum where you literally have to struggle for everything: food, water, space, safety, privacy.
  8. Road accidents: How scary when you die all of a sudden. That too in the most torturous way. May be your fault or others. But you can not come back.

I don’t want you to ever experience any one of the above list. If you ever feel that the situation, you are in, is the most horrific thing happening in your life Think Again. Life is very uncertain and you don’t know what will happen next. So why to worry and feel sad. Keep the energy going and do awesome things. That’s all what I can say.

Hope you have understood that there are things which are scarier than what you were thinking.

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