What is a “Perfect Day”? Have you ever gave a thought?

Have you ever woke up with the feeling of having a “perfect day”? How does it look like? What specific targets you want to achieve in that “perfect day”? Let’s see:

After a span of a particular age each and every person in this world have some motive behind their existence. May be for their passion or hobbies or money, it could be anything & running after it in order to pursue, grab and to take it.

Basically a day is a period of 24 hours where everyone wants to have a “perfect day”, so the question is what is a “perfect day”?

The general mentality of the public in regards to a “perfect day” is all things in the person’s favor whether it is the company or home or school or college etc. For an employee his/her “perfect day” may be where he gets promotion in the organization or appreciation in work or having no work at all 😛

Overall it’s a day where one has no disappointments at all and everything is their control, but my perception, to this general mentality, differs a lot.

According to me, a “perfect day” is the one where you are disciplined, punctual, and give your 100% to your work, even after that you could not be appreciated but there will be an internal satisfaction within you for sure.

Believe me, there is something good for the whole day and if you are committed to your work, you will be able to learn something new for sure.  There is a positive energy of God around you which will always be in your favor, just believe in yourself.

This reminds me of a story of talk between a man (working in a multinational company) and God,

So here a man complaining to the God about the difficulties faced by him in the complete day and asking, “why you had spoiled my whole day ?”

Talk started

So God asked what happened? Tell me.

Man – At first in the morning alarm did not ring than I got late for the office.

God – Then?

Man – After that, the scooter did not start and hardly got an auto-rickshaw.

God – Then?

Man – Forgot to take the lunch box and after that in the office, the canteen was also closed so I had no food to eat at all.

God – (smiled) then?

Man – In between an important call over mobile, mobile stuck in between and cannot able to attend the call during office hours.

God – Then?

Man –  After completing the work, I had a plan to just sleep after reaching home but when I reached my home electricity was not there. Why God? Why all this happened with me only??????

God – Listen carefully, my child! Today there was a big scourge on you which I had stopped by sending an Angel. Did something through which alarm didn’t ring. There is a probability of an accident that’s why I contort your scooter also there were chances of having food poisoning due to canteen food. The short circuit was about to happen at your home but I cut the electricity to prevent you, that’s why all this happened. Listen, my child, I am here always for you, just believe. Maybe this is one of the perfect days of your life, don’t judge it from your views, go beyond and look at the positive aspect of it.

Happy Reading,
Sneha Gandhi

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