What are some MUST Read and Practice books for a First Year CSE student?

Every year many students start getting admission to Computer Science Engineering in various colleges. Some students get admission to IITs, some get admission to NITs and some people like me gets the admission to the “Tier III” colleges and start cursing themselves why are they admitted to such college where studies are not taken seriously.

If you fall in the last category I want to tell you don’t think in that way. Believe me, you are the best place. You are here because your life wanted to be here. Also, think it like you can’t do anything now once you are admitted to the college. The only thing you can do it proving yourself by working hard and get to know what’s happening in the market. Start working hard and study as much as possible. Many students find for the best books for computer science engineering students, best programming books for beginners, best books to read for computer engineering. In this post I will guide you to start with MUST read and practice books for CSE freshman. I am assuming that you are completely new to programming and don’t know what is computer programming, what is computer languages, what is C or C++. Don’t worry I will suggest some books. Purchase them and read them. Once you understand what you are reading start practicing it. I strongly suggest you purchase both the books which I am suggesting to you because once you pay for the book you will definitely read it and you will learn something.

Let’s see what those books are for First Year CSE Student:

1. Let Us C 16TH EDITION

This is the best book to start for the first year CSE student. C is the programming language to interact with computers. You provide some commands to computer and machine will follow your commands. For you definitely a new thing but the people, who are working in this industry (Like me), are using it in their daily life. So I would like you to purchase the book and read it. Once you see you understood what is C? Start working on it. Turn on your laptop and start writing code. Practice it. You will fail in the beginning but you will understand, what you are doing, going forward. Buy Now and Start Reading.

2. Object-Oriented Programming with C++

This is the best book to start learning object-oriented programming (OOP). OOP is nothing but a paradigm to code. Its a way of writing code and maintain the code. Once you start learning about C you will find that there are many problems with C but C++ has some solutions for that. For sure you have to be aware of C concepts to start writing code in C++. So I strongly suggest you to read “Let Us C” first and then start reading/practicing OOP with C++. Buy Now and Start Reading.

Alternative to Books for First Year CSE students

Okay so you must be thinking that other books is there any solution from where you can start? The simple answer is “Yes! you can.” There are infinite numbers of Tutorial available in the market or on Google where you can learn all the basics but I strongly recommend you to buy both the books to read and practice if you are first year Computer Science student and you don’t have any computer science experience.

Hope you have liked the post and I must have created some value in your life. If you see something is missing and not clear feel free to comment and ask question.

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Disclaimer: The links which I shared above are affiliate links. I get some commission if you purchase this books.


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    I’m impressed, I must say. Seldom do I encounter a blog that’s both educative and
    engaging, and let me tell you, you’ve hit the nail on the head.


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